A Celebrity Writes…

Dear Chloe

Thank you so much for selling me this wonderful and frankly miraculous product. It is the best baby bed ever!!! 
My baby daughter Roxy was three months old and literally hadn’t had more than a couple of hours sleep at any one time since she was born. She was exhausted and we were exhausted. It was a nightmare.
At my wits end one night I came across your website and two days later the miracle arrived. Having assembled it that morning we put the cranky tired baby into it just to see whether she would like it or not and two minutes later she was fast asleep. It was incredible! This was a baby who never napped during the day unless being driven around the block and it didn’t stop there. My husband and I hadn’t had a night together since she was born. We were constantly
having to walk about with Roxy until she fell asleep in our arms downstairs, waking up the instant we put her down. That night just as a trial we put her in the natures nest at seven thirty and lo and behold she fell asleep until her 6am feed!
She is now 7 months old and loves her hammock just as much. We have a beautiful and extremely well behaved baby now who sleeps all night and smiles and laughs all day long and I really think we owe it all to you.
I am an interior designer and my home is often photographed for magazines and I always have the natures nest proudly on display in the nursery. It is beautiful as well as practical. I
have a very hectic schedule being a TV presenter of many makeover shows on UKTV Style and I was seriously wondering if i was able to continue my job whilst never sleeping! 
Basically I can’t praise this product enough. Every baby in the country should be sleeping in a natures nest!

All the best and good luck in the future.